What is the world of atheism coming to?

In the past two days, I have listened to debates with William Lane Craig against Kari Enqvist, WLC versus Klemens Kappel, and a debate between Hugh Ross and Lewis Wolpert.  I think I am dumber now than I was when I started. 

In each case, the person arguing from a Christian stand-point came into a debate with points to make, a rational argument, and a willingness to actually debate.  The atheists lacked all of those things.  Klemens Kappel pointed out that he was making logical fallacies, and that his strategy was to not debate.  Lewis Wolpert gave two points, the first was the classical genetic fallacy: explaining his position on why or how someone believes something rather than addressing what is believed, and then claimed to just not understand, but if he did, he said he probably wouldn’t believe anyway.  Kari Enqvist said he didn’t understand the topic of the debate (then why did he agree to show up?) and we shouldn’t trust logic and philosophy anyway…which is a philosophical point…William Lane Craig was forced to debate himself, in essence.  I was floored by these guy’s lack of gumption, lack of wit, lack of reason and rationality. 

I could have done a much better job, especially against William Lane Craig, who has a library of past debates and written works for these guys to read up on.  Here he is debating several people over a period of a few weeks, and he was the one prepared for each encounter (overly so, apparently) whereas each of his opponents could have at least listened to the last debate and known what was coming.

I miss Christopher Hitchens more now than ever before.  At least he was entertaining, and held lively discussions on topics.  Instead we get someone showing up to a football game wearing their swim trunks, thinking they are ready to dive in.  (Hey guys, those are blinders, not goggles!)

These debates may show that Christianity is the more rational viewpoint, if anyone can listen long enough to come to that conclusion…but who is going to watch someone beat up on a teddy bear?  And William Lane Craig did beat up a teddy bear…he just did it with gentleness and grace.


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