My big dorky coat

My wife bought me a terrific, oil-skin, “outback duster” style jacket last year.  The problem is that it is an outback duster style jacket… it trails down past my knees, and it has a big, pointy, rain cover part that covers my shoulders.  When I wear it, I look like an extra on a cowboy movie set, especially when I wear the hat that goes with it. A bit…ostentatious for my taste.  

Today, I shoveled and snow-blowed for two hours…well, one hour and fifty-six minutes, to be exact.  It was cold with blustery wind.  My duster kept all that blow-back off of me, and my body warm and dry.  So, if you see me walking around in an over-sized coat, looking like a dork, maybe you will understand the pleased look on my face…don’t think I’m oblivious to my dorkiness, I am well aware…I just don’t care after a day like today.

Besides, it is brown…and any Browncoats out there will get that.


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