Rhoetus’ computer-addiction-workout

I recently downloaded a game, World of Tanks, and it has….occupied more of my time, than I previously spent sitting in front of a computer.  (It doesn’t help that rugby season is over)  I have put on about five pounds in the last couple of months…five pounds which takes me from “overweight” to “obese”.

So, I am going back to a system I worked out several years ago, when I noticed…or didn’t notice my belt buckle.  When I am at the computer, playing a game, or whatever, I will do ten push-ups, sit-ups, curls, overhead presses, jumping jacks…you get the idea… every time I hit a loading screen, or get to the end of a page, or finish a battle in WoT.  Before, I had gotten to 200+ push-ups a day, and while that isn’t a real calorie-burner, it beats nothing at all.

Listen, our bodies are a temple, and we should take care of them better than we do…starting with me.


So, you’ve done several hundred exercise repetitions, and you are just too beat to do some more, what should you do?  Go read a book, interact with your family, take a shower…your eyes could use a break anyway.


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